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Starting a Florida Non-Profit Corporation requires dedication and patience. It requires strong organizational skills and responsibility to meet the non-profit's obligations. Many people do not understand that a Non-Profit Corporation is operated exactly like a Corporation. The only difference is that there are no stockholders. People can start a Non-Profit for a community, charity, foundation, trade groups, religious organization, and many other different types of purposes. You will need a minimum of three (3) people to be on the board of directors to obtain tax-exempt status.

What's Included?

1. One (1) hour Consultation

During your consultation with our Florida Business Formation Lawyer, you will discuss your business plans and strategy. Understanding your vision helps our lawyer tailor legal advice that you can truly benefit from.In addition, we will discuss and review different management structures for your business. We will advise you of common pitfalls and work with you to draft your Company documents.

2. Limited Name and Trademark Search

You are going to be investing money and time into a business. Wouldn't you want to be sure that the Company name you picked won't have to be changed later on? We provide a name search to ensure that there are no trademark infringements that come up in the future.

3. Non-Profit Articles of Organization

This is your legal charter. It is an official document that gets filed with the State of Florida. 

4. Financial Account Authorization Letter

Every company needs to open a bank account in it's own name. Our Business Lawyer will draft a letter for you to take to your bank to open your new bank account.

5. Employment Identification Number (EIN)

Employment Identification Number (EIN) is a number provided by the IRS to all businesses that operate in the United States. Sometimes called Federal Tax-Id number.

6. Florida Business License and Compliance Report

With millions and millions of regulations in the united states, you can be sure that there is some additional permit or license you will need to operate your business legally. We will perform legal research to review Federal, State, and Local laws to provide you with a report with all necessary applications and permits that your business needs. 

7. By-Laws

An Operating Agreement is a document that provides the internal government of your Florida LLC. Each LLC needs an operating agreement to properly transfer ownership interest to the owner.

8. Hold First Board Meeting

After your non-profit is formed. We will conduct a board meeting to elect officers of the Non-Profit.

9. 501(c)(3) EZ Application (if applicable)

Not all Non-Profits are tax exempt. There is a very specific criterion required to meet non-exempt status.

10. Florida Charitable Solicitation License

All Florida Non-Profits have to register with the Department of Agriculture before they can solicit charitable donations.

11. Florida Sales Tax Exemption (if applicable)

Depending on your non-profit activities, your non-profit organization could be exempt from any Florida income or sales tax.

12. Hold Annual Meeting

Your Organization will need to hold annual meetings to elect directors and officers. We will help you hold your first meeting.

13. Assist with Annual Report

Every year your non-profit needs to file an annual report. It lets the State of Florida and the public know who the officers and/or directors of the non-profit are. The annual report is filed between January 1 to May 1, 2017. If you do not file an Annual Report your non-profit could be dissolved. We provide a guide with very simple directions to file your Annual Report. If you need further help, we will offer you phone support to assist you with filing your annual report.

Our Florida Non-Profit Formation Service does not have tiers, or any other complicated pricing structure to separate you and your money. We understand that when starting a Non-Profit, you need to hold on to much of your money as you can. So we only provide you with the documents and services necessary to get your Company going. Our process keeps it simple while ensuring you are compliant with Federal, State, and Local regulations.

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3. Delivery

We will deliver all your documents to you electronically.

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