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What is a Registered Agent?

A registered agent is someone that a business has selected to handle important and official correspondences on their behalf. This includes things like legal notices, compliance-related documents, and lawsuits.

 Who Can be a Registered Agent?

Any company or individual (including yourself) who is a resident of the state of Florida. If you designate yourself as a registered agent, you cannot use a P.O. Box for the address. You have to put an address where you can personally be located.

Why You Should Designate FL Patel Law PLLC as Your Registered Agent

It is very important that you receive your legal documents in a timely manner and that they are responded to within the necessary time frame. If you are sued, notice will only be sent to a registered agent. Failure to respond to a notice of service in time can result in you losing the lawsuit by default. Other documents, when neglected, can mean fines and other penalties such as losing the ability to enter into contracts or file lawsuits. By signing up with FL Patel Law PLLC, you can rest easy knowing that no important business correspondences have been missed or forgotten about. There are no hidden fees, and this is an exclusive service available only to our clients for their convenience. If you are not a client, contact us today.

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