Kalpesh J. Patel

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I’m Kalpesh. I am an attorney and a counselor at law. That means I provide counsel clients who need help with starting a business or help them understand a deal they may be entering into. I have been practicing law since 2013 in Illinois, and in 2016 I started my practice in Florida. My office is located in beautiful downtown St. Petersburg, Florida. I provide services to clients throughout the State of Florida and to clients across the United States and Internationally.

I started Fl Patel Law PLLC because I am an entrepreneur and I wanted to start a business where I could make a difference. While I was working at a law firm, I gained a good understanding of how the legal industry works and why legal services are so expensive. Unfortunately, this was not an ideal situation for my family and friends – who would often forgo legal advice because of the cost. So as an entrepreneur, I started problem-solving and invested a lot of time into creating processes that make my practice efficient. This resulted in allowing me to provide quality legal services at a reasonable price for my clients.

We are a green firm and utilize digital services and documents to perform our work. We have installed a client portal where we have bank-grade security that allows me to collaborate on legal projects with my clients. They can see important dates, access any document whenever they want, and send messages under attorney-client privilege. We even have a free mobile app for iOS and Android so you can access your files on the go!

I also serve on the board of two non-profit organizations dedicated to entrepreneurship (Conscious Capitalism Florida) and social enterprise (Social Enterprise Alliance). Both of these organizations are dedicated to helping entrepreneurs, small businesses, and general do-gooders accomplish their goals. In the past, I was a volunteer attorney with the Constitutional Rights Foundation of Chicago to help young students better understand our legal system and develop critical thinking skills and a volunteer attorney for Lawyers For the Creative Arts in Chicago.

Since opening my practice in 2016, we have been fortunate enough to help so many of our clients that they keep coming back to us for their legal needs. We love our clients, and we are dedicated to building long-term relationships. If there is something I can help you with, schedule an appointment with me!


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